Ex Globall services offers a complete range of Ocean freight solutions

Ex Global Services have been providing flexible and scalable warehousing solutions to a variety of customers across all industries and channels.

We have industry leading customer retention because we operate as an extension of your business. Key Differentiators

*Campus warehousing network of over 36 million square feet of space provides “shared use” and "pop-up" operations which provides scalability when you need it,

let's say during peak season or a product launch, without incurring all the cost associated.

**Leverage our expertise across industries to make your business more competitive with over 45 million eCommerce orders fulfilled in 2014

*Proprietary WMS backed by best of breed technology gives you the advantage of a Tier 1 system at a fraction of the market cost.

*Making our Customers Great is our formal continuous improvement programs to help keep your business competitive beyond the first year

*Highly experienced engineering and solutions team organized by industry to ensure we’re operating at your industry’s highest level while also leveraging best practices from others

*Highly collaborative and transparent culture aligns ensures our alignment with your business objectives

*There’s nothing that isn’t Value-Add, We are skilled at providing not just warehousing,

but value-added services. Having a single provider for value-added services and warehousing allows reallocation of inventory, and less transportation for your product.

From pallet displays to kitting, our value-added solutions can enable your product arrives either retailer ready, or ready for the end user.